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Totally Fandom

Nov 22, 2022

Ryan and Brenda celebrate Halloween late by talking about the horror movies they've seen, from classics like The Thing and The Shinging, to new favorites like Barbarian. Also new not-favorites like Smile! Also Brenda saw Lord of the Rings finally,

Feb 11, 2022

Ryan and Brenda talk about Encanto and Macbeth and try to understand how things that feel like they belong on stage make such good movies.

Nov 24, 2021

Ryan and Brenda talk about the most romantic superhero movie

Nov 3, 2021

Ryan and Brenda talk about the new Bond movie, then talk about Carnage and Malignant

Aug 20, 2021

Ryan and Brenda complain about people they don't like and then talk about Green Knight and Suicide Squad